If the iconic English magazine Classic Rock has ranked BlackRain among the top 10 greatest French rock bands of all time, alongside Téléphone, Trust, and Indochine, it might be, of the 10 bands listed, the least familiar to the mainstream French audience.

Yet, after over fifteen years in the industry, touring worldwide alongside the likes of Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Europe, essentially, the architects of Hard Rock’s golden era, and having two albums produced by Jack Douglas, the American producer behind John Lennon’s final songs and the console during the recording of “Imagine,” as well as the one who discovered Aerosmith, BlackRain can confidently assert that they’ve come a long way.

But what could have destined our four Savoyards, originating from the Arve Valley between Geneva and Chamonix, to become electric guitar heroes? Why didn’t they follow the same path as their friends and conquer the slopes of Mont Blanc? What led them to live in Paris, Los Angeles, and now, particularly for the band’s singer and leader Swan Hellion, to settle in the chilly lands of ABBA in Sweden? Even they themselves don’t fully grasp it.

Their debut album fell into the hands of a Japanese producer in 2006, leading to a two-month nightly stint in Tokyo clubs. Then, everything unfolded rapidly. They encountered the emerging Swedish Hard Rock scene in Stockholm, rubbing shoulders with bands like Crashdiët, Dynasty, H.E.A.T, and Eclipse. All were making their debuts, and BlackRain quickly found itself associated with these rising stars. This was followed by a cult album for genre enthusiasts, “License To Thrill,” recorded amidst the buzz of the late 2010s, marking the advent of social networks, online videos, and a novel approach to music-making.

BlackRain then crossed paths with a Parisian producer, the founder of Enfer magazine, the man who brought Metallica to France. This marked the beginning of prosperous years, with two albums released, one under Sony, and a stint on “France’s Got Talent 2012,” where they finished fourth in the finals.

Their paths diverged from their producer, but the adventure continued in Los Angeles with the American producer Jack Douglas. They collaborated with Marilyn Manson’s photographer, solidifying their style. Two albums followed, a main stage appearance at Hellfest 2019 before the pandemic, and here we are in 2022.

With their seventh album titled “Untamed,” BlackRain has established itself on the international stage as the worthy heir to the Hard Rock groups, enthusiasts of big riffs, catchy choruses, and high-energy concerts that leave you buzzing with excitement. The recipe is simple: two guitars, drums, bass, backing vocals, and above all, an unmistakable vocal style that ranges from deep to soaring highs. Named Album of the Month in Rock Hard magazine, “Untamed” received similar acclaim abroad, in Germany where their label SPV is located, and in England. It even entered the 17th spot in the rock category on the billboard of American radio stations.

Then came the time for a significant change. Frank, the drummer and longtime companion of 12 years, had to leave the band. He was replaced by the renowned drummer, Franky Costanza, known for his contributions to unforgettable albums by Dagoba.